Wollfest Backnang

Apr 14

My dear readers,

I still owe you a report from last weekends fibre festival:

I went on both day, Saturday and Friday, and taught workshops on both days. On Friday it was Ravelry for beginners and on Saturday a workshop titled “Forming Shawls and scarves.” Which was all about the math behind shawl forms and what you need to know to make your own patterns. It’s a lot of math and the workshop helped me flesh out some of the ideas that I was still a little fuzzy on. I’m thinking of making it into an e-book once I’ve sussed out all the details.


And then of course the festival was full of awesome yarn and people. I met some friends I hadn’t seen in a long time and we had great chats while knitting. What I was also very happy about is that Wollerey was a vendor at the festival this year. They dye fine yarns in very subtle shades and I was happy to buy a set from them. This was part of the plan from the beginning and I did well sticking to my diet of little yarn. One thing I impulse-purchased was a long turkish spindle. It’s very light, but has a long shaft so you can start spinning it on your leg, rather than twisting with your hand.


So all in all I had two wonderful days. I really look forward to next year and I’m sure I’ll be there with another workshop.

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  1. Heike Duck /

    Hi Paula, I enjoyed participating your math-shawl-workshop so much! I’m still busy with my first “self-formed” shawl I’ve started knitting in your workshop at Backnang. And I am looking forward curiously to next-year-workshop! Your’s Heike

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